Friday, 17 September 2010

Bad bad bad

Had a pretty rough 24 hours and still not feeling 100% now...

Blood sugar reading before bed was 19 so took my correction dose and waited over and hour to do my lantus, got down to 11.8 so I was much happier. Next thing I know is that I'm awake at nearly 1am having a hypo. One of my worst ones yet.

Woke up again at half 4 and decided to check again and I was at 20! Looked around my room to find bits of Caramel nibbles paper on the floor... luckily I hadn't eaten the whole lot but not really remembering that I'd eaten them wasn't a great feeling. Gave myself another dose of novorapid and woke again at 7am to another 11.8.

Felt awful and ashamed that I'd almost binged completely on chocolate like a crazy person. The choccies were for friends on monday evening! Still have a bad headache now but luckily my boss didn't mind me going home at lunch and making the 3 hours up tomorrow.

Feels like someone's bashed me on the head :'(

Think I need a sleep then a really sad film.



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