Wednesday, 28 November 2012

DSMA November Blog Carnival - Change

This month's blog carnival asks:

What is the one thing (advocacy, grassroots) you will do different this year? How will you accomplish your task?

I'm sad to say that I haven't accomplished many of the tasks I wanted to this year. I wanted to take part in sponsored events to raise awareness and money for Diabetes, but sometimes the best laid plans remain exactly that, plans.

I'm going to stick to my plans, despite being late.. and next year I will take part in any events that I can get to. I've neglected my Diabetes emotionally this year which hasn't been brilliant, so a rocket has been placed under my butt to get me moving!

I'd like to head to more Diabetes meets next year as well, being with fellow PWD always makes me smile and the people I've met through it have been lovely and I'd love to meet a few more. You can't beat a room of people pulling out their meters to test before a meal and finding out who's hypo and who's high.

One task I did accomplish this year was my WDD project, which in turn helped me advocate when people asked why a blue blanket :)

So next year I'm going to try and get back into the DOC properly, blog more and wear my Teapot Diabetic tee as much as possible ^_^

Bye bye 2012

Bring on 2013!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Twas The Night Before World Diabetes Day...

The big blue day is almost here! And there's so much blue to talk about :)

Blue Fridays and World Diabetes Day itself - wear as much blue as possible to spread the word and awareness. Sadly I'm at work so don't think electric blue hair would go down well... but blue nails, accessories and some blue clothes are definately happening

World Diabetes Postcard Exchange - it's almost time to post your cards if you haven't already done so! I got my recipient today so I shall be doing a bit of crafting tonight to post tomorrow. I think I'm going to use my blankie as inspiration for my postcard design :)

World Diabetes Day Twitter Chat - DOC's from across the world are uniting for 16 hours, with 16 hosts and 6 topics throughout the day. Simply join the chat by adding hashtag #WDDChat12 on to your tweets and connect with thousands of other PWD

Spread the word - share as many of your results on Facebook and/or Twitter to raise awareness and to hopefully get people talking about Diabetes. Don't forget to put the blue circle on your profile pics :)

Teapot Diabetic giveaway - I am giving away a very blue blanket to celebrate WDD, simply message me on FB or on Twitter and I'll pick a name from a hat tomorrow!

Happy World Diabets Day everyone, stay blue! xx