About Me

I'm Emma, 25 and a Type 1 Diabetic as of August 25th 09.

Came as a really big shock to me and my family but a year on I'm starting to get used to it all.

I started losing a lot of weight from June onwards and my symptoms became worse when I went on holiday to Florida in July. I was tired 24/7, going to the loo a lot and drank excessively (I went through 6 bottles of diluted Robinson's squash in under 2 weeks by myself). I didn't think much of it as was exercising more and the weather was pretty hot. The symptoms continued when we got back from holiday which was when my parents noticed and decided to take me to the doctors.

My first finger prick test with the nurse was 24 and I also had an extremely high amount of ketones in my system (++++). I saw a doctor straight away, told I had diabetes and was given a note admitting me to the hospital immediately. Spent the rest of the night in hospital on a drip then insulin to bring my sugars down with finger prick tests every 2 hours. The following afternoon I'd learnt how to inject myself, was given a meter and my pens and sent home.

Currently on multiple injections using NovoRapid and Lantus, but getting a pump soon!

I joined the Diabetes Support Forum and also take part in weekly Tweetchats hosted by GBDOC which has helped a lot, so if you have diabetes or have been recently diagnosed it's a great website to use especially if you have questions or are feeling down, or you just need a bit of support.


I'm not a doctor, or a certified diabetes educator. I don't have medical degree. Nothing on this site qualifies as medical advice. I can't make any sort of diagnosis, and will never try to. Everything on here is my own opinion and experience only.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :)


I'm on Facebook under Teapot Diabetic and am also on twitter @bazinga8913