Sunday, 14 October 2012

DSMA October Blog Carnival - Listen to Teacher

This month's blog carnival is all about what HCP's/diabetes educators can learn from us :)

I think there's a pretty long list, unless you have one with Diabetes (like my GP) or that have had Diabetes in their family. They can be a big part of your journey, so the more they know and understand the more people they can help now and in the future.

A great support network is brilliant to have throughout the many ups and downs, and conflicting advice from a HCP and people with Diabetes can be very confusing, especially when you're a newbie!

So here's my two penneth!

Diabetes isn't all about numbers - Numbers don't always give you the full story as anything and everything can affect results. Meters aren't 100% accurate so you never really have something solid to work on. Emotions also have a massive impact on results, so emotional support is a must, possibly more than anything else.

Connect with other PWD - HCP's suggesting places online to look for help, support and guidance would be brilliant. I spent a year in Diabetes limbo, not really knowing what I was really doing but finding forums and sites like DSMA really do help and should be available on prescription! They can turn your frown upside down and make you feel less alone.

We're not just Diabetic, we are people! - We have lives outside of being Diabetic, it doesn't define it. Its just a little part of the jigsaw that makes us who we are :)

We do talk to each other - We know the levels of care others are getting and what we should be getting. Also we hear about new D-related gadgets etc so we're going to ask about them and if we're eligible to have them. Just because HCP's don't suggest them doesn't mean we don't know about them!

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Shares in Kleenex

If someone where to ask me which of the Seven Dwarves I am today, it'd have to be


For the past few days I've had a stinking cold which has meant lots of tissues, lots of coughing, glucoaster BG results and being off work. I hate being ill! A cold for me now doesn't mean a couple of days of sniffles and then I'm bright as a daisy again. It knocks me on my arse for at least a week, I go through two or three packets of cold/flu tablets and my nose ends up looking like a very famous reindeer...

It always happens just before I have my flu jab too! Mysterious coincedence or evil Diabetes Fairy sitting on her black cloud cackling away??

My 30-day average has now gone back to over 9.0mmol and my HbA1c is in December so will end up the same again or higher. I'm starting to dread my appointment already and I haven't even had the date through.

It's days like today where I really really wish I didn't have Diabetes. I hate it.