Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sneaky Sunday Blog

Cripes has it really been 10 months since my last blog entry?!

I've wanted to post for a while, but it never seemed the right time. The topic never seemed important enough life got in the way as always! But here it is. My sneaky return to blogging and it feels kinda good... comfy slippers good :)

Getting a new job last September, with more travel and a whole lotta new stuff to learn meant my evenings consisted of getting home, eating and falling asleep to NCIS (no offence to Mark Harmon, would love him to be my personal bodyguard!). I'm getting back to reading Twitter and posting updates on the TPD Facebook page, however coming back to Blogger seemed harder because I'd neglected it for so long...

Anyhow, how are you all DOC? 

Me? I'm doing okay I think.. I'm 10 months in with Pumpy (not the most original name I know...) and 90% of the time I'm loving it! He feels like he's been a part of me for so much longer, pens now look very foreign to me. Using them to correct if I have a site failure or stubborn high seems like an alien concept. My fingers faff about trying to get the needles out and jabbing hurts like hell! Which sounds stupid considering I insert a steel needle into myself every 24 hours =P

My HbA1c taken earlier this month is exactly the same as the one in November (soz I forgot the number... but I know it's now below 8 in old money!) which I'm pleased with. It's come down from over 8 a couple of years ago so I know I'm heading in the right direction. My DSN at the clinic is happy with me as is my consultant. Apparently I'm now heading to the adult clinic at the hospital! (Considering I'm 27 this year I was quite shocked...). 

There have been a few D-meets of late which I've unfortunately been unable to attend (one down to family birthday, the other wedding stuff!) and watched on Twitter with envy as everyone caught up and had a blast. First was PWDC2016 in Nottingham, I was fortunate enough to attend last year (too shy to contribute). It looked like a brilliant two day meet, and I will do my best to attend next year with John. Counting carbs, testing BG's in a group of diabetics was an immense feeling. The only downside was the following day I was flat and back in real life where T1's are a rarity, and people don't 'get it'.

The second was #TAD2016, held in London and in it's first year. With several T1 guest speakers, it looked like another great even to attend and meet even more PWD. Again I watched the even unfold on Twitter and it looked incredibly fun and informative. I'm hoping due to it's popularity there will be one next year. I've said to John that next year I want to try and attend as many events as I can, and be brave and speak to people! (I'm a chicken)

If you're ever at a Diabetic event and you see @bazinga8913 then it's meeee! :)