Sunday, 27 February 2011

Spring Fling?

hey folks!

so it's nearly the end of february ( which is such a dull month - apart from tomorrow which is my dads birthday =D ) and my levels are still behaving themselves..

<insert shocked face here>

it's my first spring without a honeymoon period so i'm wondering if this is just a seasonal dip or am i finally getting a bit control over my levels?? maybe the diabetes fairy is just teasing me for a few weeks xp

my meters 14 day average is currently showing 8.8 - which to most is high, but a few months ago it was 10.x most of the time. so i'm really pleased right now!

did have a slight panic on friday about my eyes. had some black spots floating around in my vision for a couple of hours which freaked me out. not had any over the weekend so i'm hoping it was just a one-off. apparently the mobile eye screening unit will be in town soon so i think i can hang on till then. should it happen again i'll definately be pestering my DSN!

i have pretty bad eyesight already (short sighted) so the thought of any problems with my eyes does send me a bit panicky.. if i don't hear anything in the next couple of week i think i'll visit my optician, which will hopefully ease things a little.

nothing is ever simple with diabetes!

enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Just Another Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Gerrard Way Is Dancing On My Head...

hi folks

hope the diabetes fairy is being nice to you :)

apart from a couple of blips, she has been (strangely) nice to me for most of the week! from tues to fri all my my readings were under 10! in the words of Janice from Friends..


only realised the other day and nearly fell off my chair! of course this is just before my DSN meeting on wednesday - typical!

my DSN at my local surgery is sooo lovely, i've had a rough few weeks non-d wise but having a chat with her made me feel a lot better. i've not missed the mobile retinal screening van yet and it's 'supposed' to be arriving in town within the next few weeks, so i can finally have my first screening! she looked at my readings and said that they are improving but i still need to reduce my morning levels. i'm to keep to 14u of lantus a night for a few days to see what that does to my levels, and if they are still high to increase by 2u etc. so far though i'm sticking to the 14u and it's doing the trick!

*does a jig*

now for the blips.. last night was the My Chemical Romance concert at Nottingham (my first ever concert/gig) and before i go into D details..


they played for over 2 hours with a varied set-list and were amazing. felt like i had gerrard way dancing on my head for most of the day but now i feel a bit more human :D support bands were the blackout and lostalone, not heard of either of them but did enjoy the blackout.

it took us a while finding somewhere nearby to eat so by the time i tested i was 3.9, no hypo symptoms but obviously wanted to eat sooner rather than later. so got some food at the bowling place next door and off to the concert we went, didn't give myself a lot of novo as i knew i'd be jigging about a lot. finished at half 11, and i was pretty hot and wired so tested again and the result was 16!!

adrenaline or not enough insulin before evening meal?? who knows ¬_¬

gave myself a little correction before the journey home and my lantus halfway home, re-tested again before collapsing in my bed and i was 10.7 ^.^ plus waking level this morning was 7!!

keeping my fingers crossed that these good levels continue!


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Special Delivery

hey folks

hope you're enjoying your weekend :)

well my two days have gone super fast and i'm back to work tomorrow...

sugars were great on thursday and despite a small blip, i managed to stay in 6s and 7s throughout the day. friday was the complete opposite. woke up high and stayed that way until mid-afternoon when i dropped to 3.8.

i'm either going hypo in the night (a comforting thought) or i'm coming down with another bug.

i hate being stuck high, felt like i'd taken two steps and about 4 back so got a bit upset. i should be enjoying my time off instead of checking my blood sugar every hour and worrying whether boots will get more test strips in for me earlier than planned. fingers are still a bit fragile after friday as my new finger pricker is an ickle bit lethal!!

sugars have been behaving since, so i don't think it is a bug. have made an appointment with my DSN this week to discuss it. the thought of not waking up during night hypo's is a little worrying to say the least.

what has cheered me up this weekend is the arrival of my personalised DiabeTees t-shirt, which i shall model when the weathers a little warmer :D love the colour and fits really good too, not long to wait for it which is always a bonus! plus if you're in the US and would like a t-shirt too you can visit

bring on the summer weather!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I'm now off work until Monday!!!!!
So this will be me tomorrow and Friday - cos I'm on holidayyyyy :D

^^ Uggh why can't I look like her! ^^

Saturday, 5 February 2011

One D Present For Me...

i finally got my contour usb meter and my frio wallets for my holiday!!!

also ordered my free bayer goodies that you get when you register your meter online, which i got even more excited about.


haven't actually used my new meter yet as it's still charging... not that i'm getting impatient or anything to use it and start using the software

*whistles and twiddles thumbs*

hoping to spot some patterns before my DSN catch up this month, plus i can tell her how good i was over christmas! :)

need to talk to her about arranging my first retinal scan. i'm not comfortable with it now being 18 months since diagnosis and not even had the appointment booked! the mobile scanner came to our town the month before i was diagnosed (yes sods law i know). it went off the road for around 6 months but apart from that who knows! a relative diagnosed with T2 last year has already been screened so i'm a little confused!


p.s any suggestions for my meters new name?? (can't name my pens xp)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

DSMA Feb Blog Carnival

hey folks

hope you're well :)

i've had another pretty awful non-d related week which has resulted in more stress and tears..

however i'm determined that the rest of this week is going to be okay and stress isn't going to be affecting my levels this weekend!

anyways, back to the blog title.. i recently discovered DSMA (Diabetes Social Media Advocacy) on twitter and have been reading through a number of the discussions and points of views from other members of the DOC which i've found really interesting, as well as new blogs to read!

the latest blog on the website is the DSMA blog carnival and this months topics is....

"The most awesome thing I have done in spite of diabetes is...."

yet to come! i've only had diabetes for around 18 months (officially) and yes i'm still here, not totally insane, getting used to the appointments, carb math, testing etc. i'm going to florida in may this year which will be my first holiday away as a diabetic, as i've mentioned before my last holiday was a few weeks before my diagnosis so it wasn't a great time :(
i'm hoping to do lots of awesome things in the future, some of them little like injecting in public or some of them big like going abroad for 2 weeks or going to a My Chemical Romance concert in 2 weeks time ^.^

who knows what the future holds? :)

this post is my february entry in the DSMA blog carnival. if you'd like to participate too, you can get all of the information at