Sunday, 31 October 2010

Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween everyone!

It's been a while since my last blog, due to my laptop trying to conk out on me :( but it's all been wiped and re-installed and lots of hours/downloads later it's all good!

I've finally (after about 2 weeks) got rid of the lurgy and my sugars are now more regular and starting to behave themselves again. Although I think the clocks going back might cause a blip or two...

Starting to look at my diet now and how I can improve my fruit & veg intake. I've never been a healthy eater but I never overload my plate or snack 24/7 I'm just not a fruit & veg fan :D

Now I'm doing more exercise and trying not to gain weight again, I need to improve my diet to shift a few extra pounds over the next few months. Especially with Christmas coming up! I've found some great recipes on the Diabetes UK Recipe site which I shall be trying out over the next few weeks along with monitoring my sugars and posting the results for you guys to see!

It's now less than 2 weeks until the Diabetes Support Forum meet in London for the forum's second birthday. It'll be my first one and I'm getting very excited about meeting the people who have helped me over the past few months! There's also a brill online t-shirt shop for Diabetics which I'm going to be using soon so I can wear one to the meet :)

Awesome Diabetic Tees!  <<< go have a look

A few busy weekends ahead of me, with the meet and going to see Jethro then Ross Noble. It's always fun going to a comedy gig when you don't know if the comedians going to do a Ken Dodd on you, especially when I do my Lantus around 10-10.30 XD I think I'm just going to have to inject during the intervals whenever they are, fingers crossed they fancy a breather between 9 and 10pm!

Anyway folks have a great Halloween, not long till bonfire night now!


Monday, 18 October 2010

Welcome to Lurgyville. Population.... YOU!

Yes folks sods law has struck, a measly two days after my last blog. I have been defeated by the dreaded lurgy :(

Off work Friday and today and housebound throughout the weekend in my jammies. Even missing out on True Blood club this evening it's that bad.

Sugars have been slightly higher with one exception of a 22.3 on Sunday and haven't tested for ketones just yet.. that's the part I always forget to do when I'm ill. Lucky for me my medication review is today with my GP so I can ask if there's anything else I can take apart from the cold & flu tablets I'm taking at the minute. That's another thing about D, you never really know what you can/can't take when you're ill. Pill boxes always say 'consult your doctor'. Grrr I was okay taking them before diagnosis!!

I hate getting sick now, it never lasts one or two days anymore :(
It's always 5+ days which isn't good when you know things are getting hectic at work. Last time I got the lurgy I was off for just over two weeks. FOR A COLD! Uggh I shall have to start taking a surgical mask with me just in case. Or do a MJ with the scarves etc! Or maybe I could be like Bart Simpson in the ep where he lives in a bubble?



Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What a week!

Christmas is officially on the way and everything at work's suddenly going crazy! Starting to get a little stressy which is pushing my blood sugar levels up, been at about 10.0 for the last two days and doubt it'll improve as the week goes on... gahhhh as soon as it's the 26th everyone will relax again for another year!

On a happier note I've got the test strips for my new meter at last and I've been offered a place on an adjusting course early next year! Called the PDAC course and runs for 4 Fridays in a row from half 9 to half 3. Should have built up my confidence with driving by then so I'll be able to take myself :) Actually went out by myself for the first time at the weekend - no children, OAPs or animals were harmed! Anyway, really looking forward to the course. That alongside my carb counting book should keep my levels under control long-term. Plus it'll fall nicely before my holiday! :D

The flu jab that I had last week was perfect timing, the lurgy is once again making it's way through everyone at work! Touch wood I'm okay, but getting a bit run down so hopefully my immune system works this time - no time for flu or a cold!! Need to book myself in for the pneumonia jab next month too :( never had that one before so god knows if I'll end up having a reaction to it.

Most people don't realise all of the extra stuff that comes in with diabetes. All of the hospital, DSN, GP appointments and reviews throughout the year (most of which come with blood tests). All of the carb intake maths and timings - it's all 24/7 and you'll never get a break from it. If you're new to diabetes it'll test your patience to the limits at times but once you start getting to grips with it, it feels pretty good, and you'll certainly find out who your real friends are. If they don't stick around then it's their loss, you were probably too good for them anyway!


Saturday, 2 October 2010

The annual jab...

So today was D-Day for my second annual flu jab. Last year was quite funny as I was pretty much the only person under 60 apart from the receptionists! Even though I was stood in the queue (for well over half an hour) holding my little letter, I could feel the eyes burning a hole in me!!

Yes - SHOCK HORROR - some people under 60 do get the flu jab =O

Well this time it was completely different, they have extended our local sugery so I was in & out under 5 minutes!

In> Name > Are you allergic to eggs or anything else > Sharp scratch > Do you smoke > Out

So far my sugars are okay, just a dull achey arm like last year. PHEW! Most people say they get the flu afterwards but last year I was okay....  Hope you other flu jab survivers are too! :)

My DSN said that I might have to have a joint flu/pneumonia jab but only flu for me today so I'm not sure whether to book the pneumonia one on 4 weeks time or not.. Has anyone else had it??

Before my jab I went shopping with mum as a little pre-jab treat, got myself some nice new things and decided to wear my contacts instead of the usual specs (which has now given me a headache). Was very good at lunch and only had a panini instead of my usual fish & chips and even resisted added chips for 99p extra :) Sounds daft I know, but for someone who had 20 years of eating whatever it's quite good!

Wish me luck for no flu symptoms over the weekend!