Friday, 25 March 2011

Being A Girl Sucks Sometimes...

Yes I am talking about that.

You get your levels just where you want them throughout the day and then suddenly 12.4 pops up for no reason. My mind starts thinking what I've eaten, how much I've injected or maybe I've caught a cold bug? Then the penny drops.

Being a girl sucks a lot.

I hate the effect on my sugars, it drives me insane nearly every time!! I can go from 12 to 4 in a couple of hours or even climb 4mmol in under an hour despite some extra insulin on board. I think thats what caused the hypo's in the last few days, which lowered my meters 14 day average :(

On the plus side I've been off work all week so have been doing more exercise, using the Wii and having a wander in the woods. Think I actually caught the sun as well today! Also ordered myself a Zumba fitness workout on the Wii which looks soooo much fun. Really hope the weathers this nice for the forum meet in a couple of weeks :) Luckily my all over the shop levels will be over by then.. awoohoooo


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Unhappy Wordless Wednesday

Would be happy with this, if it weren't for the 8 hypo's :(

Sunday, 20 March 2011

How Do You Do It?

How do you explain D terminology to your friends/family when they have that 'Huh?' look on their faces after you test?

I had to explain hypo's and hypers to the girls at work yesterday, as I spent the majority of the morning under 4mmol. Luckily a few jelly beans did the trick along with the burger and chips I had for my dinner. YUMMY :D

My short way of explaining was hypo = low (with a low voice and hand gestures) and hyper = high (with high movement and more hand gestures). They know I keep jelly babies and coke etc in my top drawer but I think the look on their faces has made me realise that I need to keep a spare kit and instructions on what to do in an emergency, in my top drawer as well.

A few weeks ago I was talking with another colleague about First Aid and if something should ever happen to me. His answer was mouth-to-mouth and a Mars Bar! My mouth fell open and burst out laughing.. I said erm no thanks just call 999 and explain that I'm Type 1. I think I got a little leaflet from the JDRF pack that I can use so will definately be filling it in asap!

My sugars at the minute are still doing good during the day :) struggling a little with my Lantus still and injection sites in my upper leg, but over the past couple of nights I've upped it to 20-24u which seems to work although it's a big increase from the 14u I use for my stomache!

I'm doing more exercise now at the weekends going to the woods with Amy and her doggies (Robbie licking his nose and Basil behind him) for 1-2 hours which is great, especially as the weathers been so nice. Although leggings and pink wellies do look a bit weird xD

Only half a day at work tomorrow then off until next Monday! Looking forward to some baby lie-ins and doing a bit of Just Dance on the wii to shift some pounds!


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Yummy Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Super D Teddy!

DOC meet Rufus, Rufus meet the DOC!

A few weeks ago JDRF launched a free pack for adults newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes which contains a few leaflets, fact sheets, hypo information cards and a lovely big blue folder to keep all of your D related bits and pieces safe and sound! It also comes with ickle Rufus!

Rufus has lots of little felt patches to show different injection sites and where to test your blodd sugars to show both adults and children. Plus he is super cute and didn't influence my decision to apply for the pack at all....


If you have a younger member of your family newly diagnosed with Type 1 then they also have another pack here (which also includes Rufus!).


My cold bug seems to have vanished!

Levels are starting to get a bit more back to normal and I'm staying under 10mmol for the majority of the day. Still struggling with my Lantus and rotating my injection sites though which is a big fat bummer.

If I inject in my stomache with the 14u my DSN recommended then I wake up on a good level but when I inject in my upper leg it all goes haywire! I've tried it numerous times going to bed on good levels and waking up at 10.x or 11.x!! Even tried upping my dose by 2u each time it doesn't work but no luck so far. I tend to inject my Novo in my stomache during the day (much quicker, less painful & less faffing!) so would really like to give it a break at night..

Will try again tonight and see if 20u does the trick!


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Diabetes Brain

A lot of my friends and family are realising that there's a lot more to diabetes than just watching what you eat, testing blood sugar and injecting. Although it's an invisible illness, it affects me 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will do for the rest of my life.

There are lots of things to take into consideration throughout the day and these factors are always changing.. just to keep me on my toes. Here are just a few:

Testing my blood sugar - have I caught it going up or coming down?
Food maths - hmm.. now does that look enough for 2 units or 3?
Higher readings - am I coming down with something or did I not inject enough or could it be dawn phenomenon?
Drinks - now is this diet like I asked?
Neuropathy - is the rare tingling in my arms/feet neuropathy or just normal pins & needles?
Eye twitching - is this just a sign of stress or is it D related?
Feeling hot/cold - signs of a hypo or just the weather?
Unplanned exercise - will I need a jelly baby or two? or will it drop me in range?
Illness - someone over there has a cold... am I going to get it and be off sick for another 2 weeks?

Sometimes I say that even the wind changing can affect my sugar levels xD

What goes through your Diabetes Brain 24/7?


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sort Of Wordless Wednesday

This has been me since Sunday...

Just call me Sneezy!! ¬_¬

Monday, 7 March 2011

DSMA March Blog Carnival

it's a new month which means a new DSMA blog carnival topic! unfortunately i can't take part in DSMA chats on twitter due to the time difference so i'm going to try and participate in every blog carnival topic i can! :)

this months topic is 'exercise does a body good':

exercise is something that most people loathe doing, you know you should do it to keep healthy but you always put it off for tomorrow. other people adore it and even do it for fun!

before diagnosis i was definately the first of the two. i did a little walking to and from school during the summer months but apart from that exercise was the enemy. because i was over weight and self-confident, the thought of swimming or jogging in public was just too embarassing to even contemplate. food was my comfort when i was upset, lonely or bored so i ended up around 2 or 3 stone overweight.

then in june 2009 i purchased a wii fit. i could exercise in my own home whenever i wanted to and it was fun! i could see the pounds coming off and was finally starting to enjoy shopping for clothes in smaller sizes. however after my holiday i'd lost about 3 stone and my parents spotted the signs so off i went to the nurses and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

since starting insulin i put about a stone back on which my consultant was happy with and i'm pleased to say that since then i've managed to maintain my weight thanks to regular excercise.

i'm not a gym bunny and never will be, the thought of excersing in a gym still fills me with dread, but i now get 30-40 minutes exercise a day through walking to and from work (even when the weathers rubbish!). i always walk with my ipod in as i find it motivates me a lot more and tend to choose faster more dancy songs and you do end up walking a little faster which gets your heart pumping more.

we're also hoping to get a puppy later this year which will mean more walking for me and i'm actually looking forward to it!

This post is my March entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival.  If you’d like to participate too, you can get all of the information at

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Are You Sure It's Diet?

hey folks!

so my control has slipped a little since my last post... i've had 3 waking levels of 10.x this week rather then the levels i've been getting used to of late.

last night was a subs night out which was well deserved for all of us after months of stress, pressure and a negative atmosphere. we went to a local indian restaurant, which was great for me as indian doesn't have a bad effect on my sugars. i was good and didn't eat too much (although it tasted lush and i could have eaten loads) and had a vodka and coke instead of my usual malibu and coke which sends me a little high..

some of us decided to stay out in town and went to a couple of local pubs/clubs where each time i asked for diet coke, however when i got home i got a lovely surprise on my meter


*mouth falls open*

so i gave a small correction and after a while injected my lantus.

4.30am comes and i wake up trembling in a cold sweat. awesome. tested and got a 2.5, even more awesome! the trembling got worse so went to my drawer of little snacks, but went a little OTT and woke up to an 11.7 and empty packaging around my bed.

eugh. i hate it when that happens, i feel so guilty but i seem to go on autopilot during the night and almost binge.

back to normal now but now i'm wondering out of the drinks i had, which were actually what i asked for? the next time i go out i'll definately be taking some diastix with me to make sure it doesn't happen again. plus if bar staff do get it wrong i can make them aware that they need to be careful, some people ask for a reason!

has this ever happened to you? did you do anything about it?


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wordless Wednesday :)

10 weeks on Monday!