Sunday, 29 August 2010

First Blog!

Welcome to my first blog entry :D

I got diagnosed as a Type One last August shortly after I came home from Florida. My parents had noticed an increase in the amount I was drinking, how tired I was all the time and that I'd lost around 2 stone since the beginning of June. I went to the doctors and they basically told me to go to hospital straight away. Scary, and all I was worried about was if I could wear my own pjs!

My blood sugar was about 23 and I had a very high amount of keytones in my system (++++). They got it down to around 3 in the early hours of the morning and then explained it all to me. (Not good when you've had under 3 hours sleep and your parents aren't there!!). I was testing/injecting myself the following day and allowed to go home.

I felt so much better after starting the NovoRapid/Lantus, it was strange to think how long I'd been suffering for. My hair also starting falling out, possibly due to starting the insulin and the shock of it all. However after a couple of months it was pretty much back to normal which was a big relief!

It only really sank in a few weeks later that my life was going to be very different from now on. I kept thinking, why me? My grandma had it before she died but no-one else, just me. I have days where I hate it for spoiling things, but I have good days too e.g. injecting myself in public for the first time or in front of my friends/relatives. It still scares me sometimes, especially reading things on the internet about life expectancy for Type One sufferers!

You've just got to take each day as it comes I guess!



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