Friday, 7 October 2011

No D Day

Today is No D Day, created by the lovely George at Ninjabetic and my first time taking part :)

This is my day without D.

I'm going to have a lie in.

Be woken up by having a crazy puppy being dropped on my bed licking me to death.

Snuggle in my jammies watching crappy daytime TV enjoying a cup of tea in bed.

Go to the beach with my best friend.

Make sandcastles.

Paddle in the sea.

Eat ice cream in a deck chair.

Do some shopping and people watching (in a non-stalker kinda way..)

Enjoy a meal out with my friends and/or family.

And order dessert!

Get dressed up.

Have a few drinks.

A dance.

Stay up till I wanted.


For more No D Day posts please click here. Thank you so much George for creating this :)


Scully said...

I love English terms. "Lie in". I'm going to use that from now on instead of "sleep in" because it sounds so much cooler :)

shannon said...

fantastic! happy no D day! :)

George said...

YAY! A day with no worrying is awesome!

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