Monday, 15 November 2010

I'm with stupid -->

Hi folks! *waves*

Been a while since my last post, nothing major or exciting to post I'm afraid apart from me being very dense this weekend! As some of you will have read it was the forum's second birthday this Sunday so there was a meet in London on Saturday. Took my friend from work (wearing my new Ducking Fiabetes t-shirt <3) and managed to to get to the pub without any problems on the tube but didn't recognise anyone!!

Silly Emma.

No phone numbers, no facebook details, nothing. Silly silly Emma.

Another friend said she was free so we ended up spending the afternoon having a nosey around Covent Gardens, stroking reindeer, and then getting stuck on the Piccadilly line for about 20 mins and nearly missing our train home! Nevermind, next time I will either stalk someone to get contact details or take a little forum home-made flag with me! On the plus side both me & my friend aren't train savvy at all but we managed to navigate ourselves round London pretty well :)

Anyway I've had a bit of a naughty weekend food-wise as I've had a 4 day weekend.. but back to work tomorrow so back to the normal routine. Luckily a lot of wandering around has kept my sugar levels pretty consistent. Retail therapy is good for my health :D

Hope you all had a great World Diabetes Day!


P.S It's nearly 5 weeks to Christmas!! Have you started your shoping yet?


Anonymous said...

You can't mention your awesome new t-Shirt and then not post a pic of you wearing it :-o

Emma said...

My non D friend did on the train, but they didn't show up well on her phone :(

Will do next time I wear it, promise!

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