Sunday, 28 November 2010

Uhh Freak Out!

Hi folks

Hope you're all well and not freezing your butts off with all the snow :)

Up until today I've been doing well with my sugars, and have even gotten my 14 day average on my meter down from over 10 to 9.1 and now it's back up to 9.9. All because I went out for Sunday lunch :(

Decided to split my dose before going out as we would be eating a bit later than usual, plus it was a special birthday for my great aunt so they'd be cake/drink etc. Some people had starters so it took over half an hour before food was served so I did get low but then food arrived. Got home to a 10.6 which I was really surprised at. Really loved the food but it made us all very sleepy when we got home.

I had a nap. Not a wise choice.

Checked my sugars and hour and a half later. Care to take a guess?


I nearly died on the spot. I've never ever had a reading that high, even when I was first diagnosed. I'm so angry and mortified I don't want to tell my parents. Why didn't I test sooner? Why did I think 10.6 would last? Why have I screwed it all up when I was doing okay?
I've done my correction and had a good old cry about it, and am now 10.8. Feel sick everytime I think I let myself get to that, and it's now giving me headache.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Was looking forward to my HbA1c next month being lower than the previous one, but I guess not. Going to try as hard as I can to improve my levels in the next 3 weeks to reduce my 14 day average again and reduce my HbA1c.

Think I need to go find some more tissues, so I'll leave you with this... xx


Sam said...

Awww sweetie don't feel bad or ashamed! Not at all! Everyone has times like that when you eat out! I have been diabetic 13 years but that doesn't mean that I don't make mistakes with my insulin. Food is wacky and it likse to be a pain. Honestly, don't feel bad. You are still doing really well! Making constant progress. This is something you can tell your doctor and explain everything and they can help you understand the specifics so you can learn from it kay?

For a lot of people, it isn't strange to think that 10 would have stayed. Don't feel stupid for thinking that. You still did many things right, splitting your insulin because of the times things would take. Did you take your other dose? You only mention taking one, which would explain the spike. If that is the case, long releasing food would have released while you were asleep but with no insulin. It is all about understanding food. Don't for one minute get yourself thinking you can't have naps because you are diabetic You can get this to work. <3

Scully said...

wow. I would have reacted the same way. And then when i came down from my high I would have realized it was nothing to worry about. When I am that high I turn into an emotional basket case. It sucks big time but you did the right thing. And you know what? That moment of weakness and blood sugar turmoil is not likely to have a huge effect on your A1C. Cheer up!

Emma said...

Woke up a bit high this morning despite going to bed on 10.8 and have had bad stomache ache all day so wondering if it could be something I ate?
@ Sam I was going to do my second dose but as I only got 10.6 I though I'd hypo and then fell asleep :(
Thank you so much for your advice guys I really appreciate it :D xxx

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