Sunday, 26 June 2011

Birthday with the Betes

So Friday was my 22nd birthday! (yikes 22!!)

My second birthday with the D and it was frigging awesome! Even the diabetes fairy gave me a break and my highest BG was 9.0mmol.

*does a celebration jig*

I was treated by the guys & girls at work to some beautiful homemade cupcakes made by Mooroo cakes, which were D-friendly, so I decided to test before and after eating to see how my sugars would react:
Before super amazing mint sparkly cupcake: 7.8mmol
1 and a quarter hours after: 7.5mmol
Two hours after: 8mmol

I was super chuffed with these considering I didn't inject anything, Mary who made the cakes was brilliant and even carb counted them for me. 12g per cupcake which includes the frosting! My parents couldn't tell the difference between the altered ingredients and soon scoffed down on them too :D

If you live in Lincolnshire and would like to order one of these gorgeous cupcakes or a novelty cake please contact Mary/Rosie on or search 'Mooroo cakes' on Facebook.

The Diabetes Fairy was even nice to me when I went out for an evening meal with friends & family (yes I know, I was shocked too!). I sampled Indian, Chinese and Italian along with dessert and a couple of drinkies but went to bed on a BG of 9.0mmol.

Maybe I'm getting the hang of this carb counting thingy?!

I think running around after an excited little puppy monster is also helping to get my sugars back under control after my holiday. My meter average before holiday was 7.9mmol, post holiday was 9.8mmol and it's now gone down to 9.1mmol. Not a huge reduction but I'm getting there and determined to get back to where I was a couple of months ago. I really want my HbA1c to be lower than the last one after sticking at 8.4 for months on end. Felt so good going to 6-monthly appointments instead of 4 and I want to keep it at that..

Ooh before I forget, because I got D-friendly cupcakes I decided to make a very D-unfriendly cake for everyone at work... and before you ask yes I WAS sober when I decorated it :)


Un-Apologetic Diabetic said...

Yay! Glad D was nice for your Bday. Happy Birthday!!! The cupcakes looked yummy, and it's awesome that they only had 12carbs each. Love your choco-holic cake pic go girl!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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