Saturday, 2 July 2011

It's My Party And I'll Hypo If I Want To!

Last night was the first Summer work party (normally it's each department doing there own thing) so we all got a chance to dress up and mingle with new people. The weather was great, the food looked good and the drinks vouchers were out in force! We had an awesome photo booth for the night along with props - I did try and persuade Amy to go fo the Bob Marley hat and dreads but she wasn't having any of it!
I took my fake fur coat (aka pimp coat) along and later in the evening started getting a bit hot.. looked down and my hands were clammy and a bit twitchy.

Tested my sugars and got a 3.6. I had my Mary Poppins bag with me and downed a few strawberry cheescake jelly beans and got back to mingling.

I wasn't going to let D spoil my night for all the tea in China!! Got home just before 11 and tested again. 5.1mmol. Did my Lantus and scooted off to bed.. lucky me had work from 9-5 to look forward to.. D didn't like me ignoring her at all one bit and soon got her revenge.

D: Emma it's 2am, better get up *evil grin*
Me: Zzzzz what for???
D: Remember that low you had at the party? Well you got another one, and it's even lower. Can't ignore me now can you.
Me: God you are a pain in the arse *tests BG*
Me: 2.8, you're such a bitch D
D: I know :)
Me: *scoffs down more strawberry cheesecake jelly beans and animal biscuits*
Me: FU D, I'm going sleep!

So I've paid the price today with a bit more low blood sugar, headache and mega sleepyness. Most people from the the party will have have woken up with a normal hangover.. me not wanting to feel left out woke up with a hypo one instead!!


Un-Apologetic Diabetic said...

Sorry to hear about your low blood sugars, though I love the conversation you and "D" had. Thank goodness for your sense of humor, life with D is hard enough! Hope all is okay, and that you get a peaceful nights sleep tonight. :)

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