Tuesday, 30 August 2011

But Baby It's Cold Outside...

The cuddly winter duvet is out and the lower levels are starting to kick in!
Over the past couple of days my highest level has been 7.5mmol which I'm very chuffed with. I did a lot of walking yesterday at Grimsthorpe Festival (which was awesome), which did induce a 2.9 hypo just before lunchtimem but apart from that I was around 5-7 for the rest of the day. It seems to have rubbed off on today's readings too with my highest being 7.1mmol :)

I'm hoping that with a little extra dog walking, these levels will continue in time for my HbA1c in October and also my adjusting course next week.

If the bloods that were taken a couple of weeks ago show my HbA1c has stayed the same or gone down I will be sooooo happy! It's been between 8.0 and 8.4mmol for months and months now so a drop would give me a little boost of confidence, that I'm heading in the right direction..

I'm very much looking forward to the PDAC course starting on Monday. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing everything right and then it suddenly goes to shit despite nothing changing. I'd like more guidance/advice on when I'm feeling ill, time difference and different temperatures - especially if I'm to venture abroad again without being worried 24/7 that my levels will shoot up.

I know I don't eat enough fruit and veg.. something which I'm trying (not much lately but will get back on it) to improve. I'm drinking a lot more water and exercising regularly much more than pre-D so I'm getting there slowly I hope.


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