Saturday, 5 November 2011

Remember, Remember..

... the 5th of November - Happy Bonfire Night everyone! :)

Apologies for the lack of recent posts, it's been a tough few weeks but it's November which means it's finally Diabetes Month! Just the kick up the arse I needed to get back on track with my blog.

Firstly, I posted a couple of weeks ago about the World Diabetes Postcard Exchange (which I thought was an awesome idea!). I finally finished my card on Thursday and posted it yesterday to my match. I'm not a particularly crafty person, but managed not to glue my hands together or make a big mess and have to start again!

have also now been challenged to make a Diabotic :D
Who knows, maybe I'm a crafty person after all...

November also means the start of Blue Fridays! I had to help out at Stores so used this as an excuse to wear my bright blue hoodie (please excuse the rubbish camera phone quality!). I also got to wear my Circle D Rocks badge as it's blue too. Afternoon back in the office meant changing back out of my jeans BUT I found a blue top and kept blue all day!

I'm hopefully off on Friday so I can wear blue whilst completing my Big Blue Test! Just test and record your reading, complete around 15 mins of exercise in any shape or form then test again and post  your results on the website and share on FB/Twitter etc :)

This year aims to get 8000 participants sharing their results so get testing and exercising!


shannon said...

awesome postcard (i love the flags in the WDD cirlce) and blue friday update! yay!

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