Monday, 14 November 2011

World Diabetes Day

Not gonna lie, that banner is a little scary and upsetting. But without it, people have no idea just how serious Diabetes is. They just think you've eaten too many balls of candyfloss, and if you stop you'll be perfectly fine.


I didn't eat sugar till the cows came home, and two years ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It's never going to leave me until there's a cure. I'm so incredibly grateful for insulin, its keeping me alive and well! It's not the answer though, it's like a ventilator keeping me going. We desperately need a cure, and for people to realise that Diabetes isn't what they read in the media.

Until a cure is developed I will:

Test my sugars 4 or more times a day.
If I live to 81 and tested 4 times a day, I'll have done nearly 120,000 finger pricks.

Inject my NovoRapid
If I live to 81 and inject my NovoRapid after each meal, I'll have injected nearly 90,000 times. And this doesn't even include corrections.

Inject my Lantus.
If I live to 81 and inject my Lantus every night, I'll have injected myself nearly 30,000 times.

Diabetes doesn't seem as easy now you read that, does it?

As part of World Diabetes Day, Diabetes UK is asking people to get behind the 15 healthcare essentials campaign to make sure we are all getting the care we need. If you're not aware of what you should be getting from your care team then you could be missing out!

Also there's still time to get your Big Blue Test in! Head over to and enter your results in to help get D supplies to people in need. Over the 5000 mark now but still need to hit 8000 before the end of the day.

Simply, test. Get active for 14-20 minutes. Test again. Enter your results!


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