Monday, 30 January 2012

Fear Factor

I've posted before about meter inaccuracy and how annoying it is to never be 100% sure what your blood glucose is, There's about a 25% difference either side of your result (or something like that) which can make a lot of difference to my injections. Especially as I don't own a half-unit pen.
Last night I tested before bed as usual, the result came up as 0.6mmol, seek medical attention immediately.
I think my heart stopped then and there.

So many thoughts flooded my brain within a nano second..

Why don't I feel any different?
How could I have mis-calculated so badly?
What if I fall unconcious and my parents don't realise?
What if I have a fit?
Should I test again or treat straight away?
Does hypo unawareness suddenly come on even if you haven't had it before?
What if I don't wake up?

And, I've failed.

After coming to my senses I tested again, to a result of 5.7mmol. I almost cried with relief.

I can't explain how or why I got that result, but it scared me a hell of a lot and those thoughts above have been flickering around my head for most of today.

It's made me very grateful that I have hypo awareness 9 times out of 10 and just shows how much we need better meter accuracy. Those few minutes of panic and sheer relief were awful, nevermind having to experience that every time a hypo comes along.

We need better meter accuracy, and we need it now :(


The DL said...

We really do need better accuracy! It's just not safe!!

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