Tuesday, 31 January 2012

On It Like A Car Bonnet!

After yesterday's slightly serious post, I thought I'd give a proper (and more positive) update on me and my beloved *cough* D!

Since leaving my previous job in December and starting my new job - also in December - my levels have improved dramatically. I'm no longer hitting the mid-teens or twenties on a regular basis. I'm back to being in range for most of the day, and it feels pretty amazing!

I'm feeling so much more confident about how I manage my D again, and am almost back to where I was after my PDAC course last year. Yes I don't carb count precisely and sometimes I guesstimate a little bit. Occasionally it'll pay off and others it won't, but with D it is about the long game. It isn't a sprint. So if I can keep going with the odd early-teen result then that's fine by me :)

I have some fantastic people in my life now, who I can rely on, trust with everything and love very much. D is also about a support network and I definately have that now. One person in particular wiggles to mind! And I'm incredibly lucky.

January has been such an awesome month so bring on the rest of 2012! :)


The Diabetic Camper said...

Good to hear things are going well

Health Care Lists said...

Keep rocking! Nice post.

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