Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Shawty Got Low, Low, Low, Low

After a couple of bad hypo's at the end of last week, I got asked today at work what it feels like to be low.
Hmmm where to start?!

To a member of the public it probably looks as though you're drunk or stoned, which isn't helpful when you're feeling like you're about to keel over!

I normally say that I feel very spaced out, as if I've been set to slow-motion and everything around me is too. My head feels heavy, as if it were full of cement and it's hard to hold your head up when you get really low. You end up sweating as though you'd just sprinted for miles and miles, and you're shaking/twitching too.

Auto-pilot switches on sometimes too and the urge to eat everything you can lay your hands on can be hard to fight. It's not until you start coming back into range that common sense kicks in and you realise what you've eaten! You then have to check to make sure you don't rebound and go hyper instead. All whilst probably having a massive headache from being low (hypo hangover as some call it!).

Being alone whilst hypo is what I find most difficult. No-one to hold on to whilst your shaking and feeling a million miles away in hypo land and no-one to distract you from eating the entire contents of the cupboard. It takes a while for your body to recover and feels so much longer than it actually is, so someone hugging you and telling you it'll be okay is bliss.


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