Saturday, 25 February 2012

Time for some Insulin? Timesulin!

Late last year I read about a new Diabetes product aimed at people on MDI called Timesulin. This has recently gone on sale to the public and thanks to the lovely Susan Moolan, I've been able to try out two caps. One for my NovoRapid and the other for my Lantus Solostar.
Timesulin is a replacement pen-cap, suited to a number of various pens, to record when you last did your injection. After 8 seconds of removing the cap to complete your next injection, the timer resets and will only start again when you clip your pen back on. You can then keep an eye on when you last injected and the 8 seconds also gives you time to check how much insulin is left in your pen.

I've only used these caps for a couple of weeks now but they have already helped immensley and it feels like I've had them for much longer!

They are so simple to use, just swap them for your normal pen cap and the timer begins straight away. You don't have lots of buttons to press or menu's to scroll through, just the hours/minutes/seconds since your last injection.

Diabetes to me is incredibly unpredictable, the slightest thing can send you riding on the glucoaster which can be incredibly exhausting and draining. Family and friends support during these times is brilliant, but they won't always be there to answer the 'Did I already do my jab?' question.

The feeling of not knowing what to do in that situation is horrible. Do you risk not injecting and going hyper? Or do you inject again just to be on the safe side and risk double-dosing which could result in low blood sugars or hospital visit!

The one thing that would make Timesulin even better, for me personally, would be to have a record of the dose as well as the time. That would be sooo helpful especially during those busy running round like a blue-arsed fly days!

If you'd like further information please visit or contact Susan on Twitter @susanmoolman

Or if you'd like a leaflet for you/a friend/your local DSN just e-mail me your address and I'll post one out to you :)


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