Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Rough Week...

This week Friday the 13th came early for me, and lasted a good few days!

On Thursday I took a tumble at work (don't you dare laugh!) and I tripped over some wires landing on my knees, jarring my back and hip, and also pulling both arms trying to stop myself falling... *dies a little of embarassment* so I've been walking round like I've ridden on a horse too long!

The following day I started eating my lunch, went into my bag to grab my pens and shock horror it wasn't there! Head immediately went into hands and panic set in, luckily my mum hadn't set off for work so brought it in.

The fun didn't end there though!

Looking at my Timesulin cap, it showed that my last injection was over 17 hours ago... SHIT!

Not only had I forgotten my insulin pens, but I'd forgotten to do my breakfast injection as well. If I'd have been on my own in the office, I think I would have bawled my eyes out then and there. But I held it together, did my injection with (massive) correction and got back to work. Got home and my levels were back to normal, thank god.

My parents were quite worried and concerned that I'd forgotten my injection... I said I've had this condition for about 3 years and I've only done it about twice so I'm pretty chuffed! I've never used the wrong insulin and never lost a pen/left it somewhere. Sometimes life takes over and you do forget stuff. We're human and everyone makes mistakes. Don't make me feel bad when it's my D, I know the consequences and I'm the one who deals with them.

I've had a shit week and ache like hell, so cut me some slack!

/rant over


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