Thursday, 12 July 2012

DSMA July Blog Carnival - Winging It

The diabetes community has taught me how to _______ and _______.
This for me opened up so many possibilities! I found the DOC around a year after diagnosis. I was doing okay with my levels, but I didn't feel like I owned my Diabetes. I felt like I was almost a slave to it. I didn't have the right people around me at the time, and as most PWD know, a good support network is crucial. I felt incredibly isolated, confused by my feelings towards my diagnosis and if I could ever own my Diabetes.

Reading tales of how people have coped with Diabetes for years, mixed in with hospital visits and changing their regime's gave me hope that I could do the same with mine. I wasn't alone and I was in control of my Diabetes.

So here's my list, thank you DOC for everything.

.. not beat myself up too much and to keep trying.
.. to find humour in D situations and to look after myself better
.. to be more open and honest and to advocate whenever possible :)
.. to deal with the food police and to tell them where to shove it
.. that with Diabetes it isn't a race and you have to go at a steady pace
.. that I can do things and I shouldn't be afraid to do so
.. that I am not alone and there are millions of others in the same boat as me
.. that Diabetes can be a bitch and there is ALWAYS more to learn!

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Christina said...

Nicely done! And you should get a prize for being the first to submit - unless I have missed others already submitted. Mine isn't one of them. #toolittletodosomuchtime

Mike said...

I *love* your list Emma. Great post!

Karen said...

Your list is making me a little teary-eyed!! What an awesome bunch of things you've learned, and I think all of those things would go on my list too.

Anonymous said...

great list :)

Sara said...

Great List!

Sara said...

As an aside, my grandpa was born in Lincolnshire. Waaaaay back in the 1890's

Emma said...

Thank you for the lovely comments!

Sara - Where abouts in Lincolnshire?? :)

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