Monday, 30 July 2012

The Boo-Boo Report

On Saturday night I dialled up my 20u of Lantus (increased due to hotter weather) and started clicking away 1u at a time. I'm a bugger whilst injecting, trying to do other things such as moving to grab stuff, texting, internet shopping - you get the idea :P

Whilst surfing the web I moved my hand and caught my pen. Being such a small needle, you'd think it wouldn't hurt that bad or make a mark.

Holy bleep on a bleep did that hurt!

The worst part is that I was only just under half way through, so gritted my teeth and continued to click away. Before I'd even finished taking my needle out, blood starting oozing out like lava from a volcano. Yuck! The feeling of the needle sharply moving in my stomache made me feel a little.... GAG!

The following day I saw the mark it made, I now have a lovely vivid purple bruise the size of a 50p - or a quarter for Overseas blog readers :) - just to remind me what a dumbass I am for multi-tasking whilst jabbing and to teach me a lesson!

(apologies for the cruddy picture quality!)

What's the worst injury you've had with your D equipment? Self inflicted or other :)


Angie said...

I once stabbed myself in the head with a finger pricker...

I was about 12 at the time, and I was cleaning out my diabetes cupboard. I was playing with the small collection of finger prickers that I have (don't ask me why...). None of them had lancets in, and I was setting them and pressing the button while I continued to tidy stuff. Then I decided to press one against my head and do it, since it was freaking my sister out, except I hadn't realised that the one I had picked up happened to be one with a lancet in...

Didn't so much hurt as give me one hell of a surprise, and my sister just about wet herself laughing at me!

Otherwise I've had my share of bruises from nicking a blood vessel, and a couple of needle sticks, but that's about it I think! :)

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