Sunday, 10 May 2015

Feeling Pump-Tastic

It only seems a short while ago since I wrote about feeling brave enough to ask for more info on pumps and seeing the dietitian to see if it'd be suitable for me. And now I'm sat with a Medtronic box on my sofa eagerly waiting to be used :)

I visited my clinic with John on Thursday for my pre-pump session where I and another lady started getting a taster of pump life. We went through what we already knew (I was fortunate to have tried inserting a cannula at my first appointment) and then came the actual pump unveiling...

*dramatic dun dun duuuunnnnn*

I am a VERY lucky girl and my first pump is the Medtronic 640G complete with Contour meter that talks to the pump via wireless. No going to lie I did make some squeaking noises and the lady at the clinic thought it was lovely how excited I was... The techy side of me completely took over and it was on the start-up within a couple of minutes! We then got to have a practice cannula insertion, which didn't hurt as much as the first time and I kept it in until I came home from work. Unfortunately it had bent slightly so I've already learnt my first lesson.

If anyone asks me how I'm feeling about getting it I'm saying excited and scared. I'm worried that this incredibly expensive piece of wonder kit isn't going to work for me, and that I'm going to have to continue muddling through.. I need this to work so badly. I'm tried of the MDI drawbacks and the not-knowing. I'm ready to take control of my Diabetes, I know it'll be hard work and god knows I've pre-warned John several times that it will probably be tough living with me being tired and emotional! So I've got everything crossed that can be crossed that I'll be one of those positive statistics, and one of those people that'd claw your face off if you even tried to take the pump off me.

I'm so pleased I didn't miss this on Twitter!! It's the 6th Annual #DblogWeek organised by the lovely Karen, if you haven't taken part before then it's not too late to sign up and join the DOC for a fun-filled week of topics/opinions/stories!


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