Wednesday, 20 April 2016

#IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes Day

This hashtag is reaching far and wide across Twitterverse today (woop!). Although I still think of myself as a Diabetes newbie (despite 7yrs since DX this August) I've got quite a list so here goes!

  • Diabetes is not a joke, meme's of food with diabetes on it IS NOT FUNNY!
  • This is 24/7/365 there isn't a break from it ever
  • Me having a pump isn't because I'm a 'bad diabetic', there are reasons why I have it
  • My pump doesn't cure me of diabetes, there isn't a cure. Cinnamon, sleeping naked, and green goop isn't going to cure me
  • I have to carry round a lot of stuff with me, replacement pump supplies and supplies if my pump fails. The days of leaving the house with purse and keys are sooooo done with Mary Poppins bag
  • There are more than two types of diabetes, the media needs to recognise this
  • People with Type 2 get majorly bad press! And a lot of them shouldn't, it's not all diet related
  • Some people don't have access to test strips or even insulin!
  • Can make your emotions go haywire
  • Can make you a stronger person
  • Has introduced me to people from all walks of life who support each other every day, regardless of what they're going through themselves
  • Means every meal is a calculation, a biscuit to you is carb counting for me...
  • Means you have to get on with it, you saying "OMG I couldn't do it, too scared of needles" doesn't really help. You would do it, it's your life you're trying to take care of
  • Doesn't mean I have to stop eating things like bread, pasta, chocolate. I just need to eat in moderation.... or try to :D
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