Sunday, 5 September 2010


Currently looking at getting a new testing meter - maybe an early Xmas present for myself? XD

Bayer Diabetes Care is looking like a popular choice, if anyone reading has one please let me know how you're getting on with it! :) So far on Diabetes Support Forum it seems quite positive so I'm wondering if I should buy one before my next hospital check up in December...?

Haha just googled it and Nick Jonas is all over it, surely other celebrities have T1 or T2???

There's also a lot about insulin pumps on the forum and how great they are. My DSN hasn't mentioned them at all but possibly if my HbA1c increases again (went from roughly 9 to 7 back up to 8, although I had been off for 2 weeks with no exercise..). The thought of it being with you 24/7 is a bit scary but all the comments I've seen are really positive, despite the initial knocks and bumps.

Still trying to get into carb counting, which wasn't successful earlier in the week =/
Found another recommended book which should be arriving soon Carbs & Cals - Carbohydrate Counting for people with Diabetes. Looks like it might be more useful than the Collins Carb counter book I got last week so we shall see.

My Sookie Stackhouse book 11 will also be arriving very soon (not that I'm developing an Amazon book habit...) so I need to finish book 7 asap!!!



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