Tuesday, 28 September 2010


My sugars have starting behaving at last! *woooooo*

Apart from a blip yesterday the carb counting is going well and I'm seeing a great difference in my results :D I think it's my new Bayer meter bringing me luck!

I also went to see my DSN today to get the new strips added to my prescription and she said to keep going with the carb counting and not to worry about the three readings of 13.0 I got yesterday for no apparent reason, just to up my lantus a couple of units and to come back if they remain constantly high. She also asked me if I'd booked my flu jab (which I'm having this weekend) and then said they might give me a pneumonia jab as well!!

As if I don't get enough injections already????

It's only one in 10 years, but the thought of two injections in a day killing my arms is not fun. Hopefully it's not like the swine flu jab which hurt for about a week..

She now wants to see me in February (giving me a chance to recover after Xmas XD) and I may have promised her that I'd be extra extra good at Xmas... might regret saying that :)

Speaking of Xmas (which technically doesn't start until the Coca Cola advert comes on), the work 'do' has now been organised and I've booked Friday off to possibly start some early Xmas shopping. Can't believe I'm pressie shopping when Halloween hasn't even arrived yet! Also it will be my 2-year anniversary on Friday when I started my job, which is really scary as I was 19, two stone heavier and a non diabetic when I started... what a difference a couple of years can make =/

Anyways, wish me luck for Saturday!



Scully said...

life changes in the blink of an eye after a diabetes diagnosis. be strong.

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