Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New meter!

I gots a new BG meter!

A lovely lady from the Diabetes Support Forum had a spare Bayer Contour meter that she didn't need kindly sent it to me for free and it arrived today!

So far so good, I've set the high & low settings and the little pre-meal or post-meal markers. Not sure whether to buy the online software that goes with it or to wait a while and possibly buy the Bayer Contour USB meter that I saw a little while ago...

Plus my readings are actually okay! 7.6 before evening meal and 8.1 two hours after, just hope it stays down before bed. I keep waking up with 10+ readings and it's getting very frustrating!! I was hoping to talk to my GP at my meds review but that's not until next month when it should have been in August!! I decided to make an appointment with the Diabetic nurse at the surgery so I could discuss whether I need to split my dose or change to a different long acting insulin. That's next Tuesday so wish me luck!

It's now only 94 days until Xmas!! My second one as a diabetic which is a little scary - time is going too fast! I hope I can keep my sugars at a reasonable level and my will power holds up!

Now when to start Xmas shopping.....



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