Thursday, 2 December 2010

Must keep eyes open...

Hi folks

How are you all enjoying the snow? I'm very pleased to announce that so far I've not fallen over once! =D

What a week its been so far!

On Tuesday my nice little TV decided to slide off its bracket and scare everyone in the house to death. Me watching it at the time screamed my head off as it crashed on to my desk then floor. Parents thought I'd collapsed and hit my head... so they were yelling and ran upstairs. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry with shock! Sad to say my TV has now croaked it :( no more watching old videos in my room *sulks*

Last night was much calmer - I went with some friends to Northampton to see Ross Noble, which was brilliant! If you don't mind your comedy a little random then definately go and see him. No support act (or weird singer like Jethro) just him. My face hurt soooo much from laughing! Poor guy had a stinking cold but still did a full show and encore, plus any money made from selling merchandise etc went to charity which was really nice.

I managed to get a quick sneaky picture during the interval of his inflatable set

Didn't get home until after midnight so am reaaaallllyyyy sleepy now, trying to stay awake until at least 9 otherwise I'll be bolt upright at 4am!

My sugars are nearly back to normal after Mondays cock up although the weather seems to be affecting my hypo awareness.. I'm walking home from work at lunch to 3.X but not getting any symptoms. Could also be the fact that I'm on the early shift and eating my breakfast earlier than I'm used to. The problem is that if I have a rich tea about 10ish my sugar ends up at 10.X even though I've not eaten since about 7am :( Hopefully I can sort it soon as I don't want my HbA1c dropping just because of hypo's...

Uggh diabetes is such a BIG FAFF.

P.s sign JDRFs petition to increase UK funding for Type 1 Diabetes research here


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