Sunday, 20 February 2011

Gerrard Way Is Dancing On My Head...

hi folks

hope the diabetes fairy is being nice to you :)

apart from a couple of blips, she has been (strangely) nice to me for most of the week! from tues to fri all my my readings were under 10! in the words of Janice from Friends..


only realised the other day and nearly fell off my chair! of course this is just before my DSN meeting on wednesday - typical!

my DSN at my local surgery is sooo lovely, i've had a rough few weeks non-d wise but having a chat with her made me feel a lot better. i've not missed the mobile retinal screening van yet and it's 'supposed' to be arriving in town within the next few weeks, so i can finally have my first screening! she looked at my readings and said that they are improving but i still need to reduce my morning levels. i'm to keep to 14u of lantus a night for a few days to see what that does to my levels, and if they are still high to increase by 2u etc. so far though i'm sticking to the 14u and it's doing the trick!

*does a jig*

now for the blips.. last night was the My Chemical Romance concert at Nottingham (my first ever concert/gig) and before i go into D details..


they played for over 2 hours with a varied set-list and were amazing. felt like i had gerrard way dancing on my head for most of the day but now i feel a bit more human :D support bands were the blackout and lostalone, not heard of either of them but did enjoy the blackout.

it took us a while finding somewhere nearby to eat so by the time i tested i was 3.9, no hypo symptoms but obviously wanted to eat sooner rather than later. so got some food at the bowling place next door and off to the concert we went, didn't give myself a lot of novo as i knew i'd be jigging about a lot. finished at half 11, and i was pretty hot and wired so tested again and the result was 16!!

adrenaline or not enough insulin before evening meal?? who knows ¬_¬

gave myself a little correction before the journey home and my lantus halfway home, re-tested again before collapsing in my bed and i was 10.7 ^.^ plus waking level this morning was 7!!

keeping my fingers crossed that these good levels continue!



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