Saturday, 5 February 2011

One D Present For Me...

i finally got my contour usb meter and my frio wallets for my holiday!!!

also ordered my free bayer goodies that you get when you register your meter online, which i got even more excited about.


haven't actually used my new meter yet as it's still charging... not that i'm getting impatient or anything to use it and start using the software

*whistles and twiddles thumbs*

hoping to spot some patterns before my DSN catch up this month, plus i can tell her how good i was over christmas! :)

need to talk to her about arranging my first retinal scan. i'm not comfortable with it now being 18 months since diagnosis and not even had the appointment booked! the mobile scanner came to our town the month before i was diagnosed (yes sods law i know). it went off the road for around 6 months but apart from that who knows! a relative diagnosed with T2 last year has already been screened so i'm a little confused!


p.s any suggestions for my meters new name?? (can't name my pens xp)


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