Sunday, 27 February 2011

Spring Fling?

hey folks!

so it's nearly the end of february ( which is such a dull month - apart from tomorrow which is my dads birthday =D ) and my levels are still behaving themselves..

<insert shocked face here>

it's my first spring without a honeymoon period so i'm wondering if this is just a seasonal dip or am i finally getting a bit control over my levels?? maybe the diabetes fairy is just teasing me for a few weeks xp

my meters 14 day average is currently showing 8.8 - which to most is high, but a few months ago it was 10.x most of the time. so i'm really pleased right now!

did have a slight panic on friday about my eyes. had some black spots floating around in my vision for a couple of hours which freaked me out. not had any over the weekend so i'm hoping it was just a one-off. apparently the mobile eye screening unit will be in town soon so i think i can hang on till then. should it happen again i'll definately be pestering my DSN!

i have pretty bad eyesight already (short sighted) so the thought of any problems with my eyes does send me a bit panicky.. if i don't hear anything in the next couple of week i think i'll visit my optician, which will hopefully ease things a little.

nothing is ever simple with diabetes!

enjoy the rest of your weekend :)



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