Sunday, 17 April 2011

London Baby!

So this time last week I was recovering after a great day in London, (finally) meeting people from the forum and also from Circle D to celebrate Circle D's third birthday!

Felt incredibly nervous beforehand, despite having Amy with me as my plus on, but Shelley (Circle D Founder and D-Police for the day) put me at ease straight away and we had a great time! Unfortunately due to fixed tickets we left early, so we could squeeze a bit of Covent Garden shopping in before hometime.

It was great testing and injecting with everyone, and Amy fought very hard not to ask everyone what their results were! We even tested her blood sugar just so she didn't feel left out and she got a 4.0, her response was 'OMG I'm nearly hypo, do I need a jelly baby?' :)

We're hopefully going to the Brighton forum meet in July and staying in a hotel overnight so we can stay longer and get more time to chat with everyone. If the weather's as nice as last year then it should be brill!

April's turning out to be a very busy month D-appointment wise! With both my eye-screening and pre-consultant blood test on Tuesday, my actual consultant appointment at the end of the month and my meds review on May 5th! It's great that they all fall before my holiday.. but means about half a day of my lieu day :(  My last HbA1c was 8.4 at the beginning of the year so I'm really hoping for an improvement as I'd had three lots of illness over the Xmas/New Year period. Getting more readings under 10 thanks to my Carb Counting book, and my waking levels are still a little off but getting there, just hope that my hypo's haven't thrown it off too much..


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