Monday, 18 April 2011


So I might have skirted over the truth a little in my last blog...

I'm getting really scared/anxious about my first retinopathy screening tomorrow afternoon which is making me feel queasy, tense and giving me a headache. It's not the actual process that's scaring the shit out of me right now, but the results. The thought of being on tenterhooks for a couple of weeks fills me with dread, plus what if they don't arrive before I go on holiday?

You hear so many stories about retinopathy problems and blindness that it's enough to scare even the most unshakable people. I know I have youth on my side which I think is a good thing but I have no idea how long I've had D before my 'official' diagnosis so could I have developed some complications?

My eye-sight is bad enough as it is without retinopathy. Both eyes are around the -7 mark and I've worn glasses since the age of 10. Don't think I'd deal with eye problems on top of D very well. Hoping that better control is helping and that I'm worrying over nothing.

I don't want to worry my folks with my fears, but right now I'd just like someone to give me a hug and tell me it's all going to be alright.


Anonymous said...

Sending you big hugs Emma. It IS going to be alright. No matter the outcome, the DOC is here to help you through it..Good luck and let us know the outcome xoxo

Emma said...

Thanks Bec :)
Hope you're doing okay x

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