Sunday, 17 July 2011

Balderdash And Piffle

Yesterday was the seventh annual Chap Olympiad in London's Bedford Square Gardens (my second) :

THE CHAP OLYMPIAD. Saturday 16th July, London. The nation's most challenging sporting occasion - if your idea of a challenge is pitting your finest trouser creases against another man's, or seeing who can hurl a plate of cucumber sandwiches with the most panache. The Chap Olympiad is open to all comers, male or female, moustachioed or clean shaven, top drawer or bargain basement, just so long as you are keen to cut the mustard on the field of drachms.

It's one of the most surreal days out you can have but brilliant! Am already looked at potential outfits for next year :D

Our day started at around half 8 (as we were intending to help set-up our Subs stand) and by the time we got into Kings Cross the heavens opened. The entire event is outside without much cover so we were a little worried that everything would be cancelled...

Everyone persevered despite the awful weather and at 12pm the gates opened. It was great to see so many people arrive complete with picnic baskets, waterproofs and umbrella's, and within a couple of hours the sun came out so on went the events and dancing. It was a credit to both Gustav and team!

Unfortunately we didn't get to see as many events as last year (where we had front row seats) as we were working selling subs, books etc however we met the lovely Gustav (Editor) and the slightly naughty Atters (a regular contributor to the mag), and we even sold some wares within a couple of hours!

Q How did D react to such an awesome day out?
A Badly, very very bad.

We each had an Angus burger for our dinner (which were scrummy) and mine was with a little burger relish. I injected about 6u in my leg - through my tights which was very strange - as the burger was homemade so a little bigger than supermarkets ones. I was 6.5mmol before dinner so decided to test again at around 3pm to make sure everything was going okay.

28.4mmol are your fking kidding me?

I almost cried then and there on the spot. How could this have happened? I felt so ill for the rest of the day and worried both Fliss and Amy. I injected another 6u in my leg and sat back down in a daze. We decided to call it a day at around 4pm and walking back to the tube station I felt woozy, wobbly and like someone had rammed my head through a brick wall.

Delays on on of the tube lines meant walking to Covent Garden to grab the tube to Kings Cross, I grabbed a couple of Ribena cartons and downed one within seconds. I had to walk holding Amy's hand to steady myself (sorry again for almost cutting your circulation off Aims!) and felt a little better when we eventually got on the train home.

Tested again on the train, 13mmol. Better. Tested again when at home 5.4mmol. Phew.

Had some tea and then went off to bed at about 9 as was absolutely exhausted. But D had one last surprise for me. Another high? Nope, a hypo! 2.2mmol

Went to town on some jelly babies and went to sleep. Not the most responsible thing to do after such a bad day with D, but my body had reached it's limit.

Woke this morning to 9mmol, not bad considering the past 24hrs!

What caused the mahoosive high? Burger relish? Fresh air? Too many chaps in one garden?

Bah, you're a bitch Diabetes and I hate you for ruining a day I'd looked forward to for about a year.


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