Thursday, 14 July 2011

Why, Why, Why Delilah?

So right now I'm recovering from a low, a bad one.

Numb shaky hands, feeling like I'm about to fall over flat on my face, 2.6mmol.

I seem to go on autopilot when I see numbers like this, and it's not a brilliant autopilot. I've just managed to eat 4 little packets of animal biscuits in one go and now feel pretty gross (if you've never heard of them then are half chocolate, half biscuit shaped like animals xp). I have hypogel, glucotabs and glucojuice in my room.. but I never reach for them.

Why? I have no idea!

It's annoying because I know it doesn't get in to my system quick enough but yet autopilot brain grabs for them every time :(

Think I'm going to have to remove them from autopilot cotton wool brain's path for future hypo's so I train it to go for stuff that will actually work within minutes.

Now I'm in for more BG testing and corrections for over-treating my hypo...



Louise B said...

Aww Emma, hope you are ok. Do you think hypos get worse as you get older? My son only 5 and he seems to spri g back so quickly from lows with a juice shot. I worry things will get tougher for him hypo wise. Think you are right. No animal biscuits til you have had your juice or jelly babies.

Un-Apologetic Diabetic said...

Hope all is well!

Can't blame you for choosing the biscuits over the glucose gel, my brain always says EAT, not slurp glucose gel...darn that autopilot. :)

Scully said...

I think removing them would be the best bet. That's what I had to do anyway. You basically train your brain to reach for the quickest fix. You can do it!
You'll feel better faster and THEN go for the biscuits :) (with a bit of insulin) hee hee

Daisy said...

I LOVE animal biscuits only I don't buy them in anymore because I know that I'll be tempted to be naughty and consume at least one packet even when I'm not hypo! Arghhh, will power!

I know exactly how you feel. I never feel like eating my Gluco Tabs when I'm low - I always fancy a glass of milk and Cadbury's chocolate fingers as well as any other sugary or carby delight that manages to cross my path.

I hope you manage to find something tasty and irresistible to help you combat your hypos quickly! If you do, be sure to let me know :)

Emma said...

Thanks ladies :) Had a hypo last night and went straight for jelly beans!

@Louise B I was only diagnosed a couple of years ago so couldn't really tell you I'm afraid. In my experience you can get bad hypo's at any age, the don't necessarily get worse as you get older xx

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