Sunday, 19 May 2013

DBlogWeek Day 7 - Spread The Love

Todays Prompt: As another Diabetes Blog Week draws to a close, let’s reflect on some of the great bloggers we’ve found this week. Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved during Diabetes Blog Week, and tell us why they’re worth reading. Or share three blogs you’ve found this week that are new to you. (Thanks to Pearlsa of A Girl's Reflections for inspiring this topic.)

It's the end of D-Blog week already! Thank you again to Karen at Bitter Sweet for giving the DOC all over the world to connect and share their amazing experiences and stories.

Until clicking on each link list I didn't realise how many great posts there were, and how impossible it would be to read them all before today! (I will be trying over the next few days and weeks to read all of them)

So I've picked out three blogs, both old and new to me, that always give me great posts to read :)

I've been a fan of Dave's blog for a while now, following his #teampump journey and now his great DBlog posts (the poem in particular was great =D). He has a brilliant sense of humour and is always incredibly supportive to other members of the DOC over the Twitterverse.


I found Daisy's blog a few months ago via Twitter/Facebook and have been an avid reader ever since. I love reading about her 16+ year journey with Diabetes and her posts are both incredibly funny and emotive. People like Daisy are the reason I love the DOC so much, I only wish their was a D-blogger meet so I could meet her properly!

Vicki's blog is a new addition to my reading list, I discovered her blog just a few days before DBlog Week started! I've enjoyed all of her posts this week and if you'd like to find out about travelling abroad for longer periods of time with Diabetes then you should definitely check her blog out :)


Daisy said...

Emma! Thank you soooo much for your lovely words :) I wish there was a d-blogger meet too (maybe we should work on this!) xxx

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