Sunday, 12 May 2013

Have A Nice Day

I've been a pretty rubbish blogger this year. Sitting down to write a post but letting things distract me or just putting it off until tomorrow, then the next day yaddayadda <insert more excuses> I'm not the most open and trusting person on the planet, so sitting down to write how I'm feeling isn't the most appealing thing. However I've gotten a little better thanks to the people I've 'met' online with their constant encouragement, whatever the situation.

Seeing that the Fourth Annual Diabetic Blog Week had come round again already to me was fate, and time that I got my butt back on here!

DBW was created by the amazing Karen at Bitter Sweet encouraging bloggers to share their own unique stories and insights on particular D (and non-D) related subjects. It's a great opportunity to connect with other PWD and see how they deal with their D. All of the sign-up information and post topics are available over at Bitter Sweet :)

As for little old me (24 next month.. Oh my freaking gawwdd!) I'm doing okay at the mo. I got my eye screening results back last month and have reversed the background retinopathy found last year =D

*do a little dance*
*make a little...

The holiday to Florida that I've been worrying and panicking about for months has sadly been and gone :( However it was a very different trip from the last one. I got advice from the Diabetic Nurse at my local surgery after finding various different methods of dealing with time zones etc online. She took note of everything I currently did and suggested sticking with injecting at UK time (around 4/5pm USA time). After a few bumpy days of BG results (and one case where I remembered my Lantus 3 hours after it was due.. Doh!) things started to settle. I actually had a few no hitter days!

I went with a completely different attitude, I wasn't going to work my holiday around my D. D was going to have to fit in with me. Last time I was constantly testing and correcting, this time I tested when I needed to. I was a lot more relaxed, a lot more in control and had a lovely time with my family. My parents commented a couple of times of the massive change since our last vacation, which was lovely to hear :)

The bloods for my latest HbA1c were taken before I left for my hols (just in case it was a disaster) so I'm hoping for a reduction since last time, my average when I left was 7.9 so fingers, toes and everything crossed. My BGs have taken a few days to settle after getting home, so I'm now trying to get back into the swing of things and get my average back down. 

I've also found an event I'm going to take part in later this year to raise money for Diabetes UK (nothing hardcore like a marathon I'm afraid!!). A local fun run is being held in October, so expect a post once I've signed up :)

It's good to be back.

Emma x


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