Sunday, 26 May 2013


Wednesay was HbA1c results day for me, and I have to admit I was bricking it.

The thought of it going up again got me panicked. I had my bloods taken before my holiday as I'd had a pretty good few weeks beforehand and didn't want my holiday to be taken into account. A couple of the guys at work even noticed I was a little on edge.. so I must have been bad!

Shortly after arriving my dad turned to me and said "isn't that one of your muckers from work?". I looked around and couldn't see anyone. Turns out one of the sales people I work with also had his appointment that afternoon. He's a man in his early 50s, and likes to think he's my work dad so took great delight in seeing me and sitting right with us. To top the moment off the nurse came along with a piddle pot for me.. All I heard was "Errrrrrr Ems!!"

Arrghh! *dies of embarrassment*

So move into the other waiting room and two ladies who I've never met before come out and call my name. I jumped up feeling a little like I'd been called into the Headteachers office.. Turns out they were both new and just wanted to check how I was doing, and if I had any questions or concerns. Really I could have done with the chat AFTER getting my results xP

After talking through BG results, carb counting, annual checks and holiday stuff, one of the ladies suggested a NovoRapid Echo pen (a half-unit pen if you've not heard of them). She said it might help me with more precise carb-counting as a full unit can often be too much or too little. So next week I'm going to make an appointment with my GP to see if I can get them on my prescription, along with some more test strips (getting fed up of my chemist constantly not having them ready when I need them, 100 strips just doesn't last long enough).

Finally the consultant calls my name, and after the usual questions (What units of Lantus are you taking/are you still carb counting/do you have any concerns or problems) I get told that my HbA1c has dropped from 8.4% to 8.2%. I know that any drop is a great result, but I can't shift the feeling of disappointment that it hasn't gone down a little more. 8.2% is where I was this time last year.

I admit this to my consultant, explaining that I'd had a great few weeks before my bloods so was expecting a little more of a drop (only like another 0.1% or so - nothing major). I asked if my bloods could be spiking too much between BG tests resulting in a higher average. A blank face looked back at me, and all I got was "well if your meter results are coming back good then you should be fine".

So I came out feeling a little.. deflated. I find it a lot easier talking to my local GP/Diabetic Nurse as they're a lot more approachable, so am saving my questions for them. I know consultants have to see so many patients in an afternoon, but making me feel like I'm on a conveyorbelt isn't going to encourage me to speak more frankly about my Diabetes.


Vicki said...

Hi Emma! Sorry to read you're disappointed with your hba1c result - but like you've said, a drop is a drop, and you're heading in the right direction! Keep going! You've got this :-)

Kelley said...

Aw, I know the feeling but yeah any drop is good and definitely a lot better than going up (I hate those appts/results). All you can do is keep trying and next time might be better :)

Mark Cody said...

My nephew has diabetes and is 14 years of age. a drop is a drop and its going in the right direction.

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