Saturday, 2 October 2010

The annual jab...

So today was D-Day for my second annual flu jab. Last year was quite funny as I was pretty much the only person under 60 apart from the receptionists! Even though I was stood in the queue (for well over half an hour) holding my little letter, I could feel the eyes burning a hole in me!!

Yes - SHOCK HORROR - some people under 60 do get the flu jab =O

Well this time it was completely different, they have extended our local sugery so I was in & out under 5 minutes!

In> Name > Are you allergic to eggs or anything else > Sharp scratch > Do you smoke > Out

So far my sugars are okay, just a dull achey arm like last year. PHEW! Most people say they get the flu afterwards but last year I was okay....  Hope you other flu jab survivers are too! :)

My DSN said that I might have to have a joint flu/pneumonia jab but only flu for me today so I'm not sure whether to book the pneumonia one on 4 weeks time or not.. Has anyone else had it??

Before my jab I went shopping with mum as a little pre-jab treat, got myself some nice new things and decided to wear my contacts instead of the usual specs (which has now given me a headache). Was very good at lunch and only had a panini instead of my usual fish & chips and even resisted added chips for 99p extra :) Sounds daft I know, but for someone who had 20 years of eating whatever it's quite good!

Wish me luck for no flu symptoms over the weekend!



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