Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What a week!

Christmas is officially on the way and everything at work's suddenly going crazy! Starting to get a little stressy which is pushing my blood sugar levels up, been at about 10.0 for the last two days and doubt it'll improve as the week goes on... gahhhh as soon as it's the 26th everyone will relax again for another year!

On a happier note I've got the test strips for my new meter at last and I've been offered a place on an adjusting course early next year! Called the PDAC course and runs for 4 Fridays in a row from half 9 to half 3. Should have built up my confidence with driving by then so I'll be able to take myself :) Actually went out by myself for the first time at the weekend - no children, OAPs or animals were harmed! Anyway, really looking forward to the course. That alongside my carb counting book should keep my levels under control long-term. Plus it'll fall nicely before my holiday! :D

The flu jab that I had last week was perfect timing, the lurgy is once again making it's way through everyone at work! Touch wood I'm okay, but getting a bit run down so hopefully my immune system works this time - no time for flu or a cold!! Need to book myself in for the pneumonia jab next month too :( never had that one before so god knows if I'll end up having a reaction to it.

Most people don't realise all of the extra stuff that comes in with diabetes. All of the hospital, DSN, GP appointments and reviews throughout the year (most of which come with blood tests). All of the carb intake maths and timings - it's all 24/7 and you'll never get a break from it. If you're new to diabetes it'll test your patience to the limits at times but once you start getting to grips with it, it feels pretty good, and you'll certainly find out who your real friends are. If they don't stick around then it's their loss, you were probably too good for them anyway!



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