Monday, 18 October 2010

Welcome to Lurgyville. Population.... YOU!

Yes folks sods law has struck, a measly two days after my last blog. I have been defeated by the dreaded lurgy :(

Off work Friday and today and housebound throughout the weekend in my jammies. Even missing out on True Blood club this evening it's that bad.

Sugars have been slightly higher with one exception of a 22.3 on Sunday and haven't tested for ketones just yet.. that's the part I always forget to do when I'm ill. Lucky for me my medication review is today with my GP so I can ask if there's anything else I can take apart from the cold & flu tablets I'm taking at the minute. That's another thing about D, you never really know what you can/can't take when you're ill. Pill boxes always say 'consult your doctor'. Grrr I was okay taking them before diagnosis!!

I hate getting sick now, it never lasts one or two days anymore :(
It's always 5+ days which isn't good when you know things are getting hectic at work. Last time I got the lurgy I was off for just over two weeks. FOR A COLD! Uggh I shall have to start taking a surgical mask with me just in case. Or do a MJ with the scarves etc! Or maybe I could be like Bart Simpson in the ep where he lives in a bubble?




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