Saturday, 15 January 2011

My Veins Work Again!

So my last post I was worrying about my next blood test and how the sweet looking old lady was a bit rough because I have bad veins that hide when a needle approaches...

Not this time! :D
I had a very nice younger nurse who did it straight away without bruising me at all. I think she could tell I was relieved but the mahoosive sigh after.

My PDAC adjusting course starts next Friday, still got to fill in the questionnaire which I'm not looking forward to as I don't really know how to rate my health etc. I eat better than previous years but still not enough fruit & veg although I do get a lot of regular exercise during the week.

Sugars are starting to behave once again now I'm back in a routine which is good, although I need to start continuing it over the weekend. I need to stop the long lie-ins and settle for an extra hour instead :( Also going to start making these damn recipes I keep forgetting about!!

Cinema last night was really good (went to see Love & Other Drugs) apart from the hypo towards the end. I felt really cold but just thought it was drafty in the cinema so didn't think much of it until the end credits and I stood up.. then I knew. Had some jelly babies in my bag so went to the car and tested.


Had 5 jelly beans and by the time I got home I was 5.5 but felt sooo tired I fell asleep in the clothes I had on. Funniest thing was my mum saying "are you alright Emma? Do you need some insulin to bring your sugar up?"


I got a little annoyed and explained again that hypo means I need jelly beans or something. Gahhh!! This year I'm determined to get my parents to read more stuff about diabetes than in some stupid Sainsburys leaflet. If its the last thing I do!!



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