Friday, 28 January 2011


hey folks

it's been a little while since my last post. i've had a rough few weeks (non d-related) which has involved a few tears and a whole heap of stress, which has started affecting my levels.

i also ended up missing my PDAC course (got lost wandering around) and obviously the first day is the most important... so i decided to go for a course later on in the year when hopefully things aren't as manic and i can concentrate on it fully without worrying about having time off and what i will be coming back to afterwards.

so yeah the past month has sucked, apart from two good days.

my levels have been in the early teens this week apart from today (when i'm not at work) so i'm hoping for a nice weekend d-wise!

looking forward to the next few months and have started buying some d-stuff for my holiday in may. got a couple of frio wallets and looking for a kit to keep all my stuff in <any recommendations would be awesome thank you!>. plus i've given a couple of booklets to my parents to look at so they know what to do and what to expect/look out for.

can't wait till may 16th!!!!



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