Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Plan

Hi folks

Hope you've had a good start to the new year! Mine was a bit of a damp squid... maybe NYE 2011 is the year I'll actually see it in from somewhere apart from my bedroom.

I used to love the week between Xmas and New Year, sleeping until 10am, eating whenever, pyjama days. Now its different. It cocks up my routines and my sugars show it. I'm getting double figures again the mornings which I'm not happy with despite giving myself extra Lantus (which had been working great until recently).

Maybe my body's getting used to routine again?

Ugh diabetes is a pain in the arse. Whats it going to be like in Florida? I really want to enjoy this holiday and right now I'm worried its just going to be test, test, test. Last time I went it was the month before I got diagnosed and I felt god awful. Really want the diabetes fairy to be on my side this time =/

I also found out last week (thanks to the rubbish Royal Mail post problems) that I have to have another blood test before my adjusting course at the end of the month. Plus there's a nice long questionnaire to go with it.

Awesome ¬_¬

My last blood test was only a few weeks ago and it hurt like hell for about 3 days!!! I know it'll help the experts etc but you'd think with my last one being not so long ago they'd let me off... My appointments on Friday so at least I'll have the weekend.

I'm looking forward to the course, a few people on the forum have done different versions all saying how great it was and how its helped them a lot. I really hope it does. I'd love to have a lower HbA1c in April at my next 4 monthly check up.

So my new plan for 2011 is to test more - mainly after meals which I don't do very often - and to start using these recipes I've got, rather than them gathering dust. Also maintain/improve my exercise and see how it goes from there!



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