Sunday, 13 February 2011

Special Delivery

hey folks

hope you're enjoying your weekend :)

well my two days have gone super fast and i'm back to work tomorrow...

sugars were great on thursday and despite a small blip, i managed to stay in 6s and 7s throughout the day. friday was the complete opposite. woke up high and stayed that way until mid-afternoon when i dropped to 3.8.

i'm either going hypo in the night (a comforting thought) or i'm coming down with another bug.

i hate being stuck high, felt like i'd taken two steps and about 4 back so got a bit upset. i should be enjoying my time off instead of checking my blood sugar every hour and worrying whether boots will get more test strips in for me earlier than planned. fingers are still a bit fragile after friday as my new finger pricker is an ickle bit lethal!!

sugars have been behaving since, so i don't think it is a bug. have made an appointment with my DSN this week to discuss it. the thought of not waking up during night hypo's is a little worrying to say the least.

what has cheered me up this weekend is the arrival of my personalised DiabeTees t-shirt, which i shall model when the weathers a little warmer :D love the colour and fits really good too, not long to wait for it which is always a bonus! plus if you're in the US and would like a t-shirt too you can visit

bring on the summer weather!!


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