Saturday, 5 March 2011

Are You Sure It's Diet?

hey folks!

so my control has slipped a little since my last post... i've had 3 waking levels of 10.x this week rather then the levels i've been getting used to of late.

last night was a subs night out which was well deserved for all of us after months of stress, pressure and a negative atmosphere. we went to a local indian restaurant, which was great for me as indian doesn't have a bad effect on my sugars. i was good and didn't eat too much (although it tasted lush and i could have eaten loads) and had a vodka and coke instead of my usual malibu and coke which sends me a little high..

some of us decided to stay out in town and went to a couple of local pubs/clubs where each time i asked for diet coke, however when i got home i got a lovely surprise on my meter


*mouth falls open*

so i gave a small correction and after a while injected my lantus.

4.30am comes and i wake up trembling in a cold sweat. awesome. tested and got a 2.5, even more awesome! the trembling got worse so went to my drawer of little snacks, but went a little OTT and woke up to an 11.7 and empty packaging around my bed.

eugh. i hate it when that happens, i feel so guilty but i seem to go on autopilot during the night and almost binge.

back to normal now but now i'm wondering out of the drinks i had, which were actually what i asked for? the next time i go out i'll definately be taking some diastix with me to make sure it doesn't happen again. plus if bar staff do get it wrong i can make them aware that they need to be careful, some people ask for a reason!

has this ever happened to you? did you do anything about it?



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