Sunday, 20 March 2011

How Do You Do It?

How do you explain D terminology to your friends/family when they have that 'Huh?' look on their faces after you test?

I had to explain hypo's and hypers to the girls at work yesterday, as I spent the majority of the morning under 4mmol. Luckily a few jelly beans did the trick along with the burger and chips I had for my dinner. YUMMY :D

My short way of explaining was hypo = low (with a low voice and hand gestures) and hyper = high (with high movement and more hand gestures). They know I keep jelly babies and coke etc in my top drawer but I think the look on their faces has made me realise that I need to keep a spare kit and instructions on what to do in an emergency, in my top drawer as well.

A few weeks ago I was talking with another colleague about First Aid and if something should ever happen to me. His answer was mouth-to-mouth and a Mars Bar! My mouth fell open and burst out laughing.. I said erm no thanks just call 999 and explain that I'm Type 1. I think I got a little leaflet from the JDRF pack that I can use so will definately be filling it in asap!

My sugars at the minute are still doing good during the day :) struggling a little with my Lantus still and injection sites in my upper leg, but over the past couple of nights I've upped it to 20-24u which seems to work although it's a big increase from the 14u I use for my stomache!

I'm doing more exercise now at the weekends going to the woods with Amy and her doggies (Robbie licking his nose and Basil behind him) for 1-2 hours which is great, especially as the weathers been so nice. Although leggings and pink wellies do look a bit weird xD

Only half a day at work tomorrow then off until next Monday! Looking forward to some baby lie-ins and doing a bit of Just Dance on the wii to shift some pounds!



Martyn said...

I've explained to my manager about my glucagon needle with when and where to use it. I've also filled in a medical questionnaire which gave me the opportunity to explain in detail what affects diabetes can have on me at work and what I need to do to correct low/high sugars. This is then kept on file and 'management' can have access to it. As far as my day to day colleagues, I've explained a bit, some of them glaze over, others seem to understand, so I'm happy with that. Although in an emergency I don't think I could rely on them to know what to do. They'd just ring 999 and hope for the best I'd think.

Anonymous said...

It's hard sometimes to explain. I think I make it more confusing for them the more I try it make it clearer!

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