Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Super D Teddy!

DOC meet Rufus, Rufus meet the DOC!

A few weeks ago JDRF launched a free pack for adults newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes which contains a few leaflets, fact sheets, hypo information cards and a lovely big blue folder to keep all of your D related bits and pieces safe and sound! It also comes with ickle Rufus!

Rufus has lots of little felt patches to show different injection sites and where to test your blodd sugars to show both adults and children. Plus he is super cute and didn't influence my decision to apply for the pack at all....


If you have a younger member of your family newly diagnosed with Type 1 then they also have another pack here (which also includes Rufus!).


My cold bug seems to have vanished!

Levels are starting to get a bit more back to normal and I'm staying under 10mmol for the majority of the day. Still struggling with my Lantus and rotating my injection sites though which is a big fat bummer.

If I inject in my stomache with the 14u my DSN recommended then I wake up on a good level but when I inject in my upper leg it all goes haywire! I've tried it numerous times going to bed on good levels and waking up at 10.x or 11.x!! Even tried upping my dose by 2u each time it doesn't work but no luck so far. I tend to inject my Novo in my stomache during the day (much quicker, less painful & less faffing!) so would really like to give it a break at night..

Will try again tonight and see if 20u does the trick!



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